Free Poker Advice On How To Deal With Lost Stretch Marks

It happens to the best of us – we lose and then we lose again. In fact, this lost race is so great that even online poker games make you feel that you have lost more than just a little pride. Sometimes when your fortune is high, it increases, and no matter how good your hand is or how much you like your odds, you just can’t get over it.

After a loss, it is natural to want to retaliate and recover the money you just lost. I’ve seen so many players try this, in my early days I tried it and learned the hard way. It is always easy to ponder with the notion of just one more hand … but these ‘one hand’ add up and soon you will be completely out of money situs poker online.

How do you survive your losing streak without destroying your bankroll, is a question you might ask yourself. What I have found that works for me is to start playing free poker or lower tables and participating in freeroll tournaments. Another great way is to play a small sit and go. You get your poker fix and you won’t go broke in the process.

It’s really important to remember that no matter how hard you play, the lost stretch marks will happen. We have all been through them and feel utter frustration during the losses. This can make you question your game and sometimes make you play less than quality. You need to keep up your game and follow it without completely losing your bankroll. As with the winning series, the lost series come to an end, try playing them in free poker games and when you’re done, you’ll still have a decent bankroll to play with.

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