Poker Blog – 10 Reasons Why Every Player Must Have One

So you are a poker player. Are you Good? Just learning? They call you a “fish” or a “donkey” or maybe you’re already a “shark”? Playing live more than online?;) No matter what kind of poker player are you, there are so many interesting stories to tell. It is probably too early for writing a book, so it would be nice to practice a little by starting your own poker blog.

Everyone can write their own poker blog without any particular knowledge on how to create a website. There are many free blogging services which allow you to start a personal weblog just in a few minutes .

Why should every poker player have their own blog? Here are 10 main reasons:

1. Socializing with peers. Every poker player should communicate with the other players. Sometimes with people they don’t even know. Blog is a perfect way to approach them all.

2. Sharing poker experience with the others. When you see a driver who’s still learning to drive, you always remember your own experience when you just got your drivers license. Poker players should also share their basic experience with the beginners.

3. Analyzing one’s play. When you lose having AA, you might want to ask yourself, what has just happened? When writing a blog a question is not enough, you must tell your readers WHY did it happen. Therefore you need to analyze your play and try to learn from your mistakes. Blog is a perfect way to share this “loud thinking” or “brainstorming” with the others.

4. Boasting. While playing poker live or online, the players sometimes meet some celebrities and in some cases even bust them out. The world must know about the failures of their beloved poker celebrities against the humble and unknown players. A blog is like a billboard where you can shout out loud – I knocked out Phil Ivey at the last Sunday’s FT tournament!

5. Asking for advice. Blogs usually have some particular audience of readers, who can help you in all kinds of life situations. Poker is played by car dealers, electricians, programmers, lawyers who can definitely help you if you just ask, no matter if it’s a poker related issue or not.

6. Moderating a blog debate. Blog is a form of discussion when the author may ask a question or announce their position regarding one or another important issue. The bloggers get to moderate the discussions themselves, unlike at the forums where moderators are hired or appointed.

7. Warehouse of interesting material. Blog is a perfect way to list some interesting videos, pictures and links to the other pages containing various useful information. People love reading and watching; the links can be accessed at any time. It is like Digg or Delicious, only with longer descriptions and huge collections of interesting poker stuff.

8. Practice your language. If you do not constantly employ the knowledge you get at school, you simply forget it (for example, my wife forgot her German, because she never used it after she finished school). It’s the same with writing skills. We do not write long letters anymore, because we can simply make a call or send an SMS. Writing a blog can be useful to your own development. It may also be a good trampoline to starting a writer’s career at some poker magazines.

9. Social networking skills. A blog must be promoted to the masses. In order to do so you are almost obliged to use Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIN and other social networks. You are sure to meet a lot of interesting people there who might not only start reading your blog, but even help you in your real life. Social networking skills help people to improve personally.

10. Earn money. If your blog has at least some traffic you can always add a couple of banners of your favorite poker rooms with nice bonus and rakeback offers and earn some cash for referring new players via the affiliate deals. Every online poker room offers them, so do not hesitate and make your blog a source of your income.

Of course, there are much more reasons why poker players should start their own blogs and update them at least once a month, but these 10 are the most common. If you disapprove, start your own poker blog and write 10 reasons why poker players should not have their blogs. No one has posted such a topic yet, therefore it would be interesting to read. Anyway, another topic on what not to write about in your poker blog is also necessary, but let’s just leave it for the next time.

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