Playing Poker for Multi-Table Overview


Some of the best poker players in the world play more then fifteen poker tables at the same time in the same poker room. This is known as multi-table playing, and they are making a living off of it. It takes a lot of concentration and complete focus on playing poker. You can’t be doing anything else except playing poker. Frankly, it takes a very special person to be able to consistently win this style of poker.

While it may seem pretty scary to play fifteen tables at the same time, you can get good at it; You can make a lot of money doing it. The only problem is that there is a completely different strategy involved when you are playing at that many tables at the same time. Once you have played so many tables at a different style of poker situs poker. Different people are able to play different kinds of tables. Even three or four tables at the same time can be a tough task to try and accomplish.

The Math

Poker is a game of math and probabilities no matter what kind of poker game you are playing. If you are going to play multi-tables then you really have to focus on the math. Instantly, that becomes the absolute most important focus on your strategy. If you don’t know the math then you have to go and learn it. If you’re not a good multi-table player you can handle the math and make mathematically correct decisions.

When you are playing ten games, you will still need to keep track of all your opponents. You’ll have to rely more on the odds and making the right decisions based on the mathematical part of poker. Bluffing, reading players and trying to outplay opponents are just as much a matter of making the right decisions based on the math. You are not going to have a problem folding hands, so your main focus is going to be making as much money as you can.

The good thing about playing so many games at once is that you never get bored and you just have to fold your hands for looking. The hard part is that you need to fold. You have to be able to think quickly and calculate what’s in the pot and what’s being possible. Once you get used to it, it will be your second nature. Multi-table play about the hardest part of getting used to.

Another important aspect of playing like this is that there are plenty of tables to play with. 10 tables on your 15 inch laptop screen. Players that play at 20 games once have four monitors hooked up to their computer and they are very organized. They are looking at every table and figuring out what’s going on with their hands, pots and opponents. It takes a whole other skill level and technique to play like this. Start off slow and work your way up. If you only play one table then move up and play two tables. Do not move up until you are two tables full of comfortable playing. Before you know it you will be playing as many tables as you will.

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